Rehoming Your Cat

Making the decision to rehome your cat can be difficult and is often emotionally traumatic.  We understand that it isn't a decision you'll have made lightly.  Similarly, the responsibility of taking in a cat for rehoming is a serious commitment on our part, and in order to make the best decision about allocation of space at our shelter we need the following information about any cat we are asked to take in:

  • Who owns the cat? (the owner needs to be the person who turns the cat over to CATFLAP)

  • How old is the cat?

  • Is the cat male or female, and is it neutered?

  • Has the cat been vaccinated?

  • If the cat has been vaccinated, when is its booster due?

  • Has the cat been microchipped?

  • Will the cat require outdoor access in its new home?

  • Does the cat have any health or behaviour issues?

  • Does the cat live with / get along with other cats?

  • If the cat is part of a pair or group, must all cats be rehomed together?  

  • Does the cat live with / get along with dogs?

  • Does the cat live with / get along with children?

  • Are there any special requirements of which a new owner should be aware?


While we do take in unneutered "true strays" (cats who can be proved to have no owner) and injured or abandoned cats, we are unable to accept unneutered pet cats.  Several charities in the greater Glasgow area, such as the PDSA and Cats Protection, offer free or reduced-cost neutering to pet owners on benefits or low income; additionally, many veterinary practices have healthcare plans for pets which include discounted neutering.

There is no official fee for turning your cat over to CATFLAP for rehoming; however, as we receive no government funding and depend entirely on donations and fundraising for our support, a donation is always appreciated. It is also incredibly helpful if, when bringing your pet cat to the shelter, you can bring some of their own belongings  (favourite blanket and/or toy, food dish, etc.) to help them settle more easily, as well as any records/paperwork relating to their veterinary care.

Any initial queries about rehoming your cat should include the information requested above, and (if possible) at least one clear photo of your cat.  If we don't currently have a space and the cat is being placed on our waiting list, we can post the photo and information to our Facebook page; often a cat will have had people making enquiries about them even before they come into the shelter!

You can use the Contact Us form on the site, message us on Facebook, or phone us on 07773191519.

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